The Adega e Vinícola Santa Cecília is a family business, founded in 1974. Under the control of the second generation of the Tancredi family, the estate cultivates table grapes and wine grapes, maintaining high quality, from the planting of the vines to the production of wines, juices and sparkling wines.

Today, part of our vineyard consists of 97,000 feet of white and rosy Niagara table grapes. The other part is composed of grapes like Bordô, Isabel and Máximo.

Recently, Adega Santa Cecilia has invested in the assembly of an experimental vineyard with 17 viniferous varieties; the grapes that adapt better will be planted in the permanent vineyard.

We welcome visitors, groups and families for a day trip on our property.
We do different tastings (table of cold cuts and wines), picnic baskets, guided tours through the vineyard, and factory, with explanations on the production of wines, sparkling wines and juices.

We have a store, installed in a real barrel of wood, where we sell our products such as grapes, wines, grape juices, sparkling wines, cachaça (Brazilian sugarcane liquor), liqueurs, homemade sweets and coffee products.

Our space

Santa Cecília

The Santa Cecília chapel was constructed in 2010, in honor of the Tancredi Family Patriarch.

It is just one of our areas open to visitors, combining a beautiful visual with the local scenery.